My Favorites


Hiii ! Today was soo beautiful! I just love when its so cold and crisp out! This morning I got up pretty early, for a Saturday hehe. I love to sleep in! I went with my sister and momma to see my horse at the barn! It was just too nice out not to go and enjoy nature with such an amazing and sweet animal. :*) 

So today I was thinking to do a little post of some of my favorite companies and brands I like to shop and get inspo from. 

  • For jeans, obviously I am obsessed with rag and bone. They also have some amazing jackets and coats. I have a velvet blazer and another long coat and its perfect for keeping warm. I definitely think this is where I do most of my shopping for jeans and coats.
  • Shoes!! I am going to say, i LOVE nike! I think nike is perfect for working out or for some sick streetstyle! A classic white nike is my go to for a casual but super stylish day around LA. 
  • jewlery is usually minimal, I have a few different rings I sort of wear everyday. my rings are more boho style which I love so much, especially in the summer and when its warmer! I just got a new Cartier love bracelet for christmas and i am soooo in love haha! I think ill do a separate post for jewlery! 

Alright! well i hope thats a little bit of info on where i shop ! i will totally have more post about that soon! Modern Family is on now! haha my favorite show since this is my favorites post !

good night!

xx, Micaela