apple and maple muesli


hi cuties!

I wanted to share a recipe today! one of my all time favorite breakfast/snacks ever! muesli ! I made it for breakfast yesterday, it is so delicious I could barely wait to take the photo!! this is really easy to make and I'm my opinon pretty healthy! wanna make it ?! heres my recipe !!

1 cup old fashioned oats ( I use gluten free  )

1 cup unsweetened vanilla coconut milk  ( you can use whatever kind of milk: almond, dairy, soy)

2 tsp vanilla bean paste, not extract 

1/2 green apple cut into cubes 

splash maple syrup depending on how sweet you like it

mix everything together and soak in the fridge overnight! its that easy!! you can even add cinnamon or other fruits to the mix, but I like adding it on top the next day.

I hope you enjoy ! when you make this recipe tag me @dressmeupdelish on instagram ! id love to see what you use for toppings !

xx micaela


breakfast day 1



how are you guys ?! 

um talk about delish!!  I had such a fun weekend! we difinently got our share of playoff hockey this weekend! of course, watching all the games played on tv and went to a couple knights vs kings games .. sadly we didn't  win and now by the time I was able to write this and post it up we've been knocked out of the playoffs ... noooooo! I'm so bummed.. I thought we were going to go so far..  but the way the knights were playing , I guess they deserved to win. ( did I really just say that ? ) haha

in between our hockey escapades somehow we found time to enjoy ( enjoy is an understatement ) a little R&R. spoiled ourselves with all this amazing food! I have to say the waffles were probably some of the best ever! 

comment where I should go next!

have you been anywhere fun lately ?! I wanna hear! 

xx, micaela



midnight skate



one of my most favorite types of workouts is going down to the rink and ice skating!

I think ice skating is such a great workout because it tones your muscles and really gets the calories burning! the other night, my sister and I decided to head over to the rink for an little midnight session! so convenient because or rink offers open skate times... even super late at night !

 this was actually my first time back on the ice since november! crazy I know! I had an injury on my elbow but I'm really thankful to finally be able to get back on the ice!

try this out for your next workout instead of that same old gym routine !

xx, micaela

doughnuts for easter


hi everyone!

thought I would throw it back with a little easter post .. even though it was only a little over a week ago haha! ;)

our easter Sundays usually start out very early in the morning since we attend a sunrise service. my family and I got up at 3:30 am to head over to a retired US battleship that was hosting the service! crazy cool! we ended up getting there an hour early, so we got to explore the port a little bit and watch cargo ships going by.. after the service, we pretty much fell right asleep in the car haha everyone except the one driving of course! guess what... we woke up and my mom surprised us with Krispy Kreme doughnuts !! look how cute they are! original glazed is my favorite, but I definitely wanted to try a whole bunch of different flavors! the one doughnut cut in half was birthday cake flavored.. it literally tasted EXACTLY like cake mix!

 we totally treated ourselves through out the day sampling all the different varieties we picked... yum!

did you do anything fun for easter?! id love to hear!

xx, micaela


down at the track


good morning!

spent the morning down at the racetrack! we went to watch 2 year old thoroughbreds run/workout for a big annual sale, where they have young horses in training and eventually they will be ready to race. so cute! its amazing how fast and strong they are at such a young age! we watched somewhere around 50-75 horses run 1/8th of a mile down the stretch! the horses have all been sold now, so i can't wait to see how they do in the future!

afterwards, we got really hungry from all the observing haha... so we went to lunch and ate some delicious seafood!

enjoy your day!

xx, micaela

48 hour vacay


hi guys!

who doesn't love a spontaneous getaway?!? I know I do!

spent a couple days recharging... basically just laying out in the sun, a little swimming and of course eating amazing food! how good does that quinoa salad look?!

you can make your own salad just like this one I have, with the recipe coming this week. stay tuned! 

hope you have a great day!

xx, micaela

dodgers throwback


throwback time! 

since baseball season is quickly approaching, i thought i would throw it back to when we went to game 6 of the world series!! we had such a great time! honestly, i think my favorite part of the game was the salted pretzel haha! we had seats wayyy up at the top and it was so crazy how high up we were! the view was amazing! it started to rain a little bit during the game, and i think that made the atmosphere even better! can't wait for the season to start! its gonna be fun!!!

xx, micaela

bakery pit stop



during one of our days exploring around the colonial city, we found the cutest bakery !  of course we had to go in and buy one of everything in the case! haha

i first saw the sprinkled sugar cookie and it totally took me back to my childhood. all of us couldn’t believe how yummy all the goodies were ! we discovered something called hot milk cake and i think i’m addicted! i definitely think i am going to make my own version of that sometime soon ! stay tuned ! 

xx, micaela  

stepping back in time


good morning!

how are you?! today we went to surprise three very special people in an old colonial town on the east coast! if you know me, you know in not big on history.. haha but this was actually really interesting and it helped me envision how the people of the colonial times lived (which wasn't very easy). it was really cool to see people dressed up in the style of clothes from the 1800's, they really get into character! anyway, we walked around for a little bit, taking photos and enjoying the scenery. the horses in the last photo would pull the carriages all around the little town. totally different than seeing cars parked.. haha 

what era would you like to travel back to? mine would totally be the 1920's! 

enjoy your day! 

xx, micaela


birthday escapades


hi everyone!

even though my birthday was over a week ago, i really wanted to share a few of these beautiful photos with you! i decided to head up to the mountains and enjoy a scenic drive with my family. the views were so amazing!! once we reached the top of the mountain, it was so chilly and totally had the feeling of cool, crisp fall air.. my favorite. one of my birthday presents was a vintage film camera called a brownie ( how cute is that name ?! ) i took a bunch of photos on it during the trip. its funny because i had just learned how to use the camera the same day, so i really hope the photos will turn out. ;-) haha !! more photos to come! stay tuned!

have a great day! 

xx, micaela

new job offer


hi cuties!

Lately, I've been working on some new recipes for this new job offer i received in LA. I'm really excited about it, although i know there is a LOT of work ahead of me!! it is located at a kiosk in a huge mall and they're going to serve my pastries every week! crazy exciting !!! the owner told me if this kiosk does well in the first year, the mall is going to give him 39 locations all across america... and guess what?!?! he wants my pastries to be included!! get ready america!! I'm coming for you! one delicious almond cake at a time! the top photo is a few of the pastries i give as samples for new job offers. the yummy combination includes: almond cake, chocolate spoon cake, raspberry pistachio muffins and these really cool vanilla and blueberry financier bars. i haven't come up with all the cute names yet but I'm pretty happy with the chocolate spoon cake, since it will be served with a little wooden spoon.. ;) 

anyway, i have a ton of photos that i will post for you guys, showing the progress of getting this rolling and eventually ( very soon ) everything all set up in the new shop!

so excited!

ps: what type of pastries would you like to see in the shop? let me know in the comments!

talk soon,

micaela xx


home time


good morning everyone!

i know its been a whole YEAR since I've posted !! 

we just got back from a trip across the country, and let me say.. it was amazing. i didn't want it to end! i think we went through something like 10 or 15 states! i took a ton of photos that i will post this week. i also had my film camera and definitely have a lot of photos on it and i can't wait to have them developed. right now I'm just planning out what I'm going to do today. since I've been all cooped up from traveling, I'm thinking i will ride my bike to the grocery store, and pick up some ingredients to bake some flaky biscuits. i bought a second cast iron skillet while i was on the road. I'm really excited to keep adding to my kitchen collection. its pretty special to pick up little things while we're traveling, because they have more meaning.

anyway, I'm really happy to be posting again.

talk later,,

xx micaela



happy december 1st !!! 

can't believe theres only one month left of 2016! last week, we loaded up the horse trailer and took my baby Reoko to a new barn where he can have lots of land to run around on! I'm so happy for him! for years he's been working so hard to train and be the best he can be for shows, now he can just be a horse and finally relax! we were driving up and the weather forecast said it was supposed to rain all day!  when we arrived the rain hadn't started yet so he was able to explore the property and say hey to all his new friends, which was absolutely adorable to watch. after a few hours or so, it started pouring !! the grooms took him inside the barn so he was out of the rain. they brushed him off and gave him some dinner. so after we knew he was all settled in, we decided to get some warm food for ourselves! such an amazing day that i'll never forget.

i have some really great posts coming this week, stay tuned!

xx, micaela