bakery pit stop



during one of our days exploring around the colonial city, we found the cutest bakery !  of course we had to go in and buy one of everything in the case! haha

i first saw the sprinkled sugar cookie and it totally took me back to my childhood. all of us couldn’t believe how yummy all the goodies were ! we discovered something called hot milk cake and i think i’m addicted! i definitely think i am going to make my own version of that sometime soon ! stay tuned ! 

xx, micaela  

new job offer


hi cuties!

Lately, I've been working on some new recipes for this new job offer i received in LA. I'm really excited about it, although i know there is a LOT of work ahead of me!! it is located at a kiosk in a huge mall and they're going to serve my pastries every week! crazy exciting !!! the owner told me if this kiosk does well in the first year, the mall is going to give him 39 locations all across america... and guess what?!?! he wants my pastries to be included!! get ready america!! I'm coming for you! one delicious almond cake at a time! the top photo is a few of the pastries i give as samples for new job offers. the yummy combination includes: almond cake, chocolate spoon cake, raspberry pistachio muffins and these really cool vanilla and blueberry financier bars. i haven't come up with all the cute names yet but I'm pretty happy with the chocolate spoon cake, since it will be served with a little wooden spoon.. ;) 

anyway, i have a ton of photos that i will post for you guys, showing the progress of getting this rolling and eventually ( very soon ) everything all set up in the new shop!

so excited!

ps: what type of pastries would you like to see in the shop? let me know in the comments!

talk soon,

micaela xx


Chocolate Macaroons


Hii sweeties! 

I made some chocolate macaroons this afternoon! They are so challenging to make so I'm actually really surprised they turned out! hah! The picture in the middle is Italian meringue and its so delish, if it wasn't almost all sugar i would eat it right off the spoon! oops! Tomorrow i will make the chocolate ganache for the filling ! gonna be so yum! Just got back from skating, such a great workout! Mostly cardio and leg ! i love it because its so cold in there! anyway I'm going to bed! sweet dreams! 

xx, Micaela