doughnuts for easter


hi everyone!

thought I would throw it back with a little easter post .. even though it was only a little over a week ago haha! ;)

our easter Sundays usually start out very early in the morning since we attend a sunrise service. my family and I got up at 3:30 am to head over to a retired US battleship that was hosting the service! crazy cool! we ended up getting there an hour early, so we got to explore the port a little bit and watch cargo ships going by.. after the service, we pretty much fell right asleep in the car haha everyone except the one driving of course! guess what... we woke up and my mom surprised us with Krispy Kreme doughnuts !! look how cute they are! original glazed is my favorite, but I definitely wanted to try a whole bunch of different flavors! the one doughnut cut in half was birthday cake flavored.. it literally tasted EXACTLY like cake mix!

 we totally treated ourselves through out the day sampling all the different varieties we picked... yum!

did you do anything fun for easter?! id love to hear!

xx, micaela