breakfast day 1



how are you guys ?! 

um talk about delish!!  I had such a fun weekend! we difinently got our share of playoff hockey this weekend! of course, watching all the games played on tv and went to a couple knights vs kings games .. sadly we didn't  win and now by the time I was able to write this and post it up we've been knocked out of the playoffs ... noooooo! I'm so bummed.. I thought we were going to go so far..  but the way the knights were playing , I guess they deserved to win. ( did I really just say that ? ) haha

in between our hockey escapades somehow we found time to enjoy ( enjoy is an understatement ) a little R&R. spoiled ourselves with all this amazing food! I have to say the waffles were probably some of the best ever! 

comment where I should go next!

have you been anywhere fun lately ?! I wanna hear! 

xx, micaela