apple and maple muesli


hi cuties!

I wanted to share a recipe today! one of my all time favorite breakfast/snacks ever! muesli ! I made it for breakfast yesterday, it is so delicious I could barely wait to take the photo!! this is really easy to make and I'm my opinon pretty healthy! wanna make it ?! heres my recipe !!

1 cup old fashioned oats ( I use gluten free  )

1 cup unsweetened vanilla coconut milk  ( you can use whatever kind of milk: almond, dairy, soy)

2 tsp vanilla bean paste, not extract 

1/2 green apple cut into cubes 

splash maple syrup depending on how sweet you like it

mix everything together and soak in the fridge overnight! its that easy!! you can even add cinnamon or other fruits to the mix, but I like adding it on top the next day.

I hope you enjoy ! when you make this recipe tag me @dressmeupdelish on instagram ! id love to see what you use for toppings !

xx micaela


breakfast day 1



how are you guys ?! 

um talk about delish!!  I had such a fun weekend! we difinently got our share of playoff hockey this weekend! of course, watching all the games played on tv and went to a couple knights vs kings games .. sadly we didn't  win and now by the time I was able to write this and post it up we've been knocked out of the playoffs ... noooooo! I'm so bummed.. I thought we were going to go so far..  but the way the knights were playing , I guess they deserved to win. ( did I really just say that ? ) haha

in between our hockey escapades somehow we found time to enjoy ( enjoy is an understatement ) a little R&R. spoiled ourselves with all this amazing food! I have to say the waffles were probably some of the best ever! 

comment where I should go next!

have you been anywhere fun lately ?! I wanna hear! 

xx, micaela