home time


good morning everyone!

i know its been a whole YEAR since I've posted !! 

we just got back from a trip across the country, and let me say.. it was amazing. i didn't want it to end! i think we went through something like 10 or 15 states! i took a ton of photos that i will post this week. i also had my film camera and definitely have a lot of photos on it and i can't wait to have them developed. right now I'm just planning out what I'm going to do today. since I've been all cooped up from traveling, I'm thinking i will ride my bike to the grocery store, and pick up some ingredients to bake some flaky biscuits. i bought a second cast iron skillet while i was on the road. I'm really excited to keep adding to my kitchen collection. its pretty special to pick up little things while we're traveling, because they have more meaning.

anyway, I'm really happy to be posting again.

talk later,,

xx micaela



happy december 1st !!! 

can't believe theres only one month left of 2016! last week, we loaded up the horse trailer and took my baby Reoko to a new barn where he can have lots of land to run around on! I'm so happy for him! for years he's been working so hard to train and be the best he can be for shows, now he can just be a horse and finally relax! we were driving up and the weather forecast said it was supposed to rain all day!  when we arrived the rain hadn't started yet so he was able to explore the property and say hey to all his new friends, which was absolutely adorable to watch. after a few hours or so, it started pouring !! the grooms took him inside the barn so he was out of the rain. they brushed him off and gave him some dinner. so after we knew he was all settled in, we decided to get some warm food for ourselves! such an amazing day that i'll never forget.

i have some really great posts coming this week, stay tuned!

xx, micaela

rainy saturday inspo


good morning guys!

its getting ready to rain here and I'm super excited! how've you been? I've missed you!! i thought i would start out with a few lil rainy saturday inspo pictures from my tumblr. i am going to bake some banana bread this morning, since all the bananas i have went brown in what seems like 5 minutes :,) then later tonight the kings play the blackhawks so that will be a really good game! I've only been to one game this season ...! i can't believe it !! tonight we will be there and I'm sure we are gonna win ! haha ! well, I'm going to run to the grocery store and then get baking!! oh and ill say hi to patrick kane for you guys !! wink wink !!!

xx, micaela