home time


good morning everyone!

i know its been a whole YEAR since I've posted !! 

we just got back from a trip across the country, and let me say.. it was amazing. i didn't want it to end! i think we went through something like 10 or 15 states! i took a ton of photos that i will post this week. i also had my film camera and definitely have a lot of photos on it and i can't wait to have them developed. right now I'm just planning out what I'm going to do today. since I've been all cooped up from traveling, I'm thinking i will ride my bike to the grocery store, and pick up some ingredients to bake some flaky biscuits. i bought a second cast iron skillet while i was on the road. I'm really excited to keep adding to my kitchen collection. its pretty special to pick up little things while we're traveling, because they have more meaning.

anyway, I'm really happy to be posting again.

talk later,,

xx micaela